With the support of the Cifers Foundation, the 18-year-old Ukrainian became the MMA World Champion

Ivan Yushchenko, a resident of the village of Kotsyubynske in the Kyiv region, became the MMA World Champion in the weight category of 77.1 kg among youth. The 2022 MMA World Mixed Martial Arts Championship was held in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. More than half a thousand athletes from 63 countries of the world took part in the competition.

Ivan fought five battles and won all of them. In the final match, he defeated an athlete from Armenia - Spartak Mikailyan.

At the announcement of the result after the final match, Ivan came out wearing a T-shirt with the image of his friend and comrade, Ukrainian mixed martial arts champion Eduard Kostrytsy, who died near Bakhmut at war.

"I am overflowing with emotions! I am very happy and incredibly proud of my son. And I am sincerely grateful to everyone who helped him get to this championship. These are the Cifers Family Foundation and the town of Kotsyubynske mayor Serhii Danish. Thank you very much for continuing to help us in such a difficult time for our country. I also thank Ivan's coaches, mentors, and everyone who cheered for him!", said Ivan's mother Kateryna Yushchenko.

Ivan Yushchenko trains at the Hermes club with the guidance of coach Fedir Serdyuk. In August 2021, he won the title of world champion in MMA among juniors in the weight category of 65 kg.

We sincerely congratulate Ivan on his new victory and wish him many more successes in the sports arena!


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