The Cifers Foundation provides financial support to Ukrainian families affected by military actions on the territory of Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, destructive military attacks by the aggressor Russia have been conducted throughout the territory of Ukraine. Hundreds of Ukrainian families lost their homes, property, jobs, and means of living. Many of them lost their loved ones in the war, families can no longer be together. About 10 million Ukrainians were forcibly relocated from Ukraine to European countries and the USA.

You can support the families by donating to the Cifers Foundation at the following link:

Below you can read the stories of families who survived the hard times during the war. It is the drawings of the children of these families that are presented at the "My Ukraine" exhibition.

At open house in The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts on Thursday, August 18 the workshop on art-therapy was held.  The workshop was inspired by the LCVA’s current exhibition My Ukraine, which features work created during the outbreak of the current war in Ukraine. Panelist Anastasiia Cifers traveled with her husband Luther throughout the country to aid fellow citizens in their escape to Poland.  Once in Warsaw, where housing and care was provided, the Ciferses gave the children art supplies so that they might process their pain, anxiety, and confusion through art. Every evening these children – all under the age of 14 - create works of art to find some sense of comfort during a traumatic and violent time.

“Created by children, the My Ukraine exhibition speaks volumes about the power of community and the importance of art as an expression of fear, anger, and hope. All are enhanced - the viewer increases understanding and empathy and the artist processes their personal experience which promotes eventual growth and healing,” remarked Dr. Walls-McKay. 

In addition to Dr. Maureen Walls-McKay (Dean of Wellness and Director of Longwood University’s Counseling and Psychological Services), the panel includes individuals who have incorporated therapeutic art techniques into their daily practice: Mindy Osborn (Upper School Counselor and Registrar, Fuqua School), Todd Stonnell (Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist), Anastasiia Cifers (Gender, Social Inclusion and Governance Expert, VNG International, Kyiv, Ukraine), and Emily Grabiec (LCVA Director of Education and Outreach).

The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts was visited by the First Lady of the State of Virginia Mrs. Yanking with her teamr. Ms. Youngkin met with LCVA staff, University management, Farmville community leaders and active community representatives. During the visit, Mrs. Youngkin had an online teleconference with the representative of the Ukrainian Parliament - congresswoman Maria Mezentseva, who is deputy head of the committee on integration of Ukraine with the European Union in the Parliament, head of the subcommittee on approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU legislation, head of the Permanent Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Mrs. Yangkin also carefully studied the drawings of Ukrainian children at the "My Ukraine" exhibition, noted the special talent of the authors and the emotional richness of the presented work. The First Lady also kindly expressed solidarity and support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in these dark times. 


The Cifers Foundation was founded by Cifers family to help Ukraine and its people, who are fighting hard against the Russian aggressor. We help with military protective equipment and other things needed to protect people and settlements. We also aid families affected by the fighting.







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