On June 1, on World Children's Day, the Kyiv publishing house "Samit-Book" announced the start of printing the educational manual for Preschoolers in Ukrainian language. These books are addressed to children who were forced to leave Ukraine to escape the war. The Cifers charity foundation finances the printing of the book for Ukrainian children to learn their native language even in a foreign country.

The Book for Preschoolers is published in 2 volumes. It contains various interesting tasks for children that help prepare the child for school: they develop logic, spoken language, imagination, memory and thinking of preschoolers, as well as teach them writing and mathematics. The two-volume book is recommended by the Institute for Modernization of the Education Content of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a teaching aid for working with children aged 5-6 within the "New Ukrainian School" framework.

A team of talented Ukrainian artists and writers worked on the creation of the manual: Yulia Berezhko-Kaminska, Olena Khoma, Andriy Bodeychuk, Olena Zavytaylo and Svitlana Cherednychenko.

The distribution of books will be carried out with the assistance of the structures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as well as in partnership with the project "Books without borders”.

The first edition of the two-volume Book for Preschoolers is 2,000 copies. And it is assumed that the first to receive them will be small Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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Employees from four different organizations, The Fay Group, QBE LLC, My Medic, and The Cifers Foundation have teamed up to purchase and deliver medical trauma kits to help the people of Ukraine. Each kit includes lifesaving medical supplies to those injured during the ongoing Russian invasion of that country. The kits were delivered directly to personnel in the field, and depending on the severity of injuries, a single kit can support two to three people. This effort has provided kits for close to 500 people, with more support to come.

What is going on in Ukraine right now is a humanitarian tragedy," said Ed Fay, CEO of The Fay Group, which donated funds to support this effort. Kits were assembled by My Medic in Utah, shipped to Poland, and then transported by land across the border to Ukraine. Assembling and shipping the kits took about two weeks from start to finish. Each kit normally costs $230, but My Medic lowered the cost to $175 in order to increase the total number of kits that are sent. According to Tyson Farr, Vice President of Sales at My Medic, "These kits are a tremendous way to deliver badly needed medical supplies, so we are pleased to be able to step up and partner on this project."

A large order for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian soldiers was delivered to Ukraine. The Cifers Foundation provided the purchase of tactical gloves, knee pads, belts, and boots for fighters on the front line.


The Cifers Foundation invites young patriots of Ukraine to join the action in support of Ukrainian defenders who courageously oppose the Russian aggressor. The purpose of the action is to raise funds for the purchase of special protection for soldiers. The fundraising will be raised in the United States as part of a children's drawing auction.

We are waiting for children's drawings on the theme "My Ukraine", drawn with paints or pencils. Indicate the name and age of the author, his place of residence before the war and the date of creation.

Works can be sent until April 30 this year to the address in the USA:

100 Industrial Park Rd Farmville,

VA 23901.

Another important task of this campaign is to find foster families from the United States who would like to take care of refugee children from Ukraine for longterm.



Our Foundation used only the family's own funds for charitable activities, but the needs of Ukraine's defenders are growing every day. The number of refugees in need of protection and assistance is also growing every day. Therefore, our Foundation is currently announcing an additional fundraiser to purchase special protection for our soldiers, as well as to support refugee families who are currently homeless and livelihoods.

The first month of the war was a terrible ordeal for Ukraine, Europe and the world. During the month of March, we tried to systematize our work in order to bring the greatest benefit to Ukrainian families affected by hostilities and to Ukrainian soldiers in hot spots.




The Cifers Foundation was founded by Cifers family to help Ukraine and its people, who are fighting hard against the Russian aggressor. We help with military protective equipment and other things needed to protect people and settlements. We also aid families affected by the fighting.






E-mail: info@cifersfoundation.org

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