The mayor of Irpin, Oleksandr Markushin, who is currently in the hottest spot of fierce fighting in the suburbs of Kyiv, expressed personal gratitude to Anastasia Cifers and the Cifers Foundation for their humanitarian aid.

The Cifers Foundation transferred to the Irpin Territorial Defense and the Ukrainian Army, which protects Irpin, helmets, first aid kits, power banks, clothing, and thermal imagers.

It is important to note that later the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky granted the city of Irpin the status of "Hero City".



Ukrainian soldiers demonstrate a behavior of the free and courageous European citizens. However, the needs of the Ukrainian army and territorial defense are growing constantly. For us, every time it is a great joy when parcels come with goods for personal protection of each soldier. This time we will send to the hotspots special boots, tactical gloves, knee pads, belts. Slava Ukraini!



Ukrainians are now faithfully defending their state and their values. Women on the front lines have to not only support the soldiers and volunteers, but also take care of those residents in their communities who are unable to evacuate. For example, Катя Ющенко, who hides and feeds children in basements, feeds, warms, seeks medicine, helps to get out of dangerous places. Katya, it is an honor for us to take care of your children in Poland, when you help hundreds of children, the disabled and pensioners in hot spots near Kyiv. We sincerely believe in a quick victory and you will soon be able to hug your children yourself.

We are glad to be able to take care of several Ukrainian families. These are women, children, retirees, and a few animals. We feel that we are a real big Ukrainian family that is going through bad times. But we believe that our friendship, love and support to each other can change the world for the better.



The Cifers Foundation was founded by Cifers family to help Ukraine and its people, who are fighting hard against the Russian aggressor. We help with military protective equipment and other things needed to protect people and settlements. We also aid families affected by the fighting.







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